A New Look at Leadership Transformation

The world is being transformed and much of that transformation is being driven by software. We are becoming ever-more digital and that digital mindset is impacting every aspect of our business, including HR. In this column in the Business Standard, Persistent CEO Dr. Anand Deshpande takes a look at how you should focus on not just the “what” but the “how” of developing new leadership.

Building the next line of leadership

Internet of Things

Internet of Things – pretty specific and contained, right? Yeah, not so much.

In our ongoing series to bring you insights from our experts, Amol Pathak Principal Architect, Technology Consulting here at Persistent is ready to help out! In a 3 part series he covers generic architecture of an IoT platform and the common building blocks, functions of these common building blocks with technical stack usually chosen to implement those and key differentiating features of an IoT platform indicating maturity or customizability. NO SPOILER ALERTS!

You can check out the post here: https://lnkd.in/behtuW9

As you’ve seen on our website, in our press release and in presentations we’re giving around the world, we’re talking a lot about SMAC and digital transformation. Why? Because the business of tomorrow isn’t about just updating old systems and technologies… It’s about fundamentally transforming your business from just being software enabled to being software driven.

Our CEO Anand Deshpande recently sat down with eweek editor Chris Preimesberger for a one-on-one to discuss Persistent’s plans, trends in the industry and our vision. We think you’ll enjoy reading the feature story.

Productizing your Technology Innovation

With more than 8,000 team members, we’ve got a lot of great thoughts and perspectives to share! Today we’re featuring senior architect in technology consulting Amey Navelkar, who discusses how you can and should productize your technology innovation.  After all, what good is innovation if you don’t do anything with it!

As Amey writes:

Many a technology innovator makes the leap of faith to start their journey with that single step that needs to be taken. Knowing that it will not be an easy journey. There will not only be many more steps and miles, but detours, lost ways, forks in the path that you chose wrong, retracing your steps and sometimes not even knowing what your destination is. There will also be the joys of finding good co-travelers, doing interesting work that is out of your comfort zone and collaborating with wonderful partners who will point you in the right direction and help you correct course. And of course, a strong sense of accomplishment when you look back on your travels and see how your technology innovations have been able to transform your business, or even your industry.

But sometimes in this innovation journey we can’t see the forest through the trees and we lose our way. One of the biggest challenges startups as well as enterprises encounter, is mistaking the technical innovation they developed to be a product that will automatically acquire customers and become a successful business. More so if you have set out to build a niche product that will define a new category or business stream and has very little existing references or industry peers and competitors. It’s not surprising that more than a few product startups with exciting innovations under their belt are unable to productize it or scale business. Or enterprises which are trying to innovate in a software-driven and digital world, to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

You can read his entire post here.

We Love Columbus!

It’s not just Jeni’s ice cream (although we love the Brambelberry Crisp and the Buckeye State!).  Or Schmidt’s! Or even  a refreshing, um, refreshment at Watershed.

From sponsoring hack-a-thons at Ohio State





To doing all kinds of cool R&D, we love Columbus, Ohio!  Last week we were featured by the ColumbUS Region as one of the top Big Data employers in the Columbus region – come in and see us or drop us a line to see what all the excitement is about!