How to S.A.V.E your Agile Project Before you Start!

As ‘Agile’ development becomes all the rage, and with good reason, an old adage comes to mind; those who fail to plan are planning to fail. I’d like to share with you our experience from a recent project engagement that reinforced for us four key components necessary for a successful outcome:

Set boundaries and expectations for various roles

Attention must be paid to client’s vision and iteration deliverables

Value of commitment from the entire team

Expectations and understanding and their periodic review

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VM Migrations Using Cloud Orchestration Templates

Co-Authors : S. Pradhan, V. Kale,  A. Varsha, A. Jadhav

Application and Virtual Machine (VM) on-boarding to infrastructure cloud platforms has become mainstream with the evolution of cloud migration tools. Creating target cloud topologies has been a major challenge during the cloud migration. A topology typically describes the network, storage and compute attributes, but network topology is the most important in the context of migration. A crucial question to be answered during cloud migration is whether we have the ability to replicate or re-create the source environment topology on the target cloud platform. Two aspects of addressing this requirement are mechanism of capturing the source network topologies and its dependencies as a blueprint, and a method to create the target cloud deployment blueprint as per the source environment at design time.

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Social Media in the Corporation, Proceed with Care

In my earlier blog, I had talked about leveraging social media techniques for employee engagement with millennials and how corporates can benefit by this. In this blog, I will talk about some of the dos and don’ts.

You all are aware of the recent controversy regarding Facebook conducting a social experiment on its users. While people have no hesitation in putting their most intimate details on to social networking sites like Facebook, they have a big problem when these sites use that information to influence behaviors.

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Employee Engagement: The Real Social Network

Never in the history of mankind have we seen a more socially connected and technologically savvy generation as the millenials. Their new approach to communication and the speed with which it happens is having a huge influence on workforces around the world, from traditional First World economies to developing countries like India and China. With dramatic increase in business pace, faster time-to-market, innovations, and need for higher productivity, millennials are becoming a critical part of the work force. Continue reading

Are You as Smart as Your Car?

And you thought it was tough keeping up with your kids as you help them with their homework!

Now thereΓÇÖs a chance your car might be getting smarter than you!!

Dr. Sri Jagannathan, Chief Innovation Officer at Persistent Systems, writes about the advent of the smart car and why we should be looking at VIQ ΓÇô Vehicle Intelligence Quotient.

As Sri explains, ΓÇ£The VIQ is a qualitative index on a scale of 0 to 200, on a four axis system of Consciousness, Awareness, Reactivity and Proactivity. This scale is intended to be comparable to the Human IQ scale, so that we can relate human intelligence to a machine’s intelligence.ΓÇ¥┬á Read more about VIQ here

WeΓÇÖre excited that Sri will be sharing his insights with us and hope youΓÇÖll join in the conversation.

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